Tuesday, 10 January 2012


  I bought this Friendship Quilt a long time ago without knowing any more than its name - these quilts were made by groups of friends who got together to sew and work on such quilts, enjoying the chat and company and making warm and cosy quilted covers that decorated their beds and kept them warm, but I do not know where it was made - It has few clues but most of the squares have names written in a fine hand in Indian ink and they include 7 different Dillinghams, 2 Waldorfs, and  a dozen others, also the addresses,  Saratoga, Galway and Washington Co, and the dates 1840 and 1848.   I am inclined to think it is therefore an American quilt and maybe there is a town somewhere where the surname Dillingham is still around - I should be so interested to hear.   The quilt is very, very worn but still complete - it hangs over my banisters looking very pretty, and is still good enough to hang in a prominent position, but not for use on a bed.    Price £130. or a special price to any Dillingham around!
NEXT DAY I've already had one query so the hunt is on!The following names are on the quilt: Dillinghams: Betsey D. Punicus, Ruth  H., Catharine L., David V. ,Elizabeth, Sylvia, Retory(?), Margaret, Amy D. ~Washington Co.  Other names are Hannah Tubbs Galway, Francis Sheldon, Rebecca Habron, Ann Sheldon,   Lawrence, B. Downs, Diana Houster, Lucy Bennett, Ruth Hallett, Mary Parnall, Margaret Waldorf, Amelia Ann Sheldon 1840, Jane Perkins Saratoga, Sylvia Leary. Some names are difficult to decipher, the ink has faded and the cotton is thin
More details from Elizabeth  dbaer@onetel.com

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  1. there is plenty on the internet
    one such thing
    Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

    wondering the first names of those seven dillinghams??