Sunday, 26 February 2012


   If you read my two very recent  Blogs, with picture, about the 'Dillingham' friendship quilt, dated 1850s and with 7 different Dillingham names written in fine spidery writing on the squares (as well as many others) you will have learnt that within 10 days of my putting details on the Web, I had a response from someone of the same name living in Florida (previously of Mass.) and wishing to buy.    The quilt has now been posted over there and today I received an interesting postscript following this story when I got an email from a lady in France who had also seen my Blog and who contacted my good young friend Kaari Meng, who has a superb blog The Warp and the Weft about her flourishing business French General in Hollywood.    By chance I have known Kaari well for over 20 years or so and she generates a love of fabrics and decorations that is inspiring and beautiful in itself.  Through her good offices, as a fairy godmother, she got the Dillinghams, me and the quilt all together so the Web managed to span Florida, France, Hollywood, Bath in a few days with a very happy result,HEIRLOOMS AND QUILTS sending and ending!  See previous Blogs Home Thoughts from Abroad and Warm Friendship.  Thanks also to Google where I discovered how large a family the Dillinghams seem to be and spread all over the States, many with very distinguished records.

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