Tuesday, 3 January 2012


My linen stores                              

   When you have done all the work of washing and ironing your linen, it is good to add the final touches to a well-ordered linen cupboard, so that when you open the door, you can see neat piles stacked up ready for use.   The rule of three applies to all small articles that have initials in the centre - they should be folded in three parts so the initial is at the centre and then they can be folded again to make the item shorter to fit on a shelf.  This applies to face towels, napkins, table cloths and sheets where the initials are an important feature of the design.  Pillow cases and hankies usually have the initial in one corner, and you can still use the rule of three but ensure that the initial stays prominent and that all similar items are pressed into the same size and shape so they can be piled up.    This may all sound too fussy, but it means you can find and identify 'best' from 'everyday' when you are in a hurry with guests arriving, and keep track of numbers very easily.  If you have read my Blog on Napery earlier you will know this is an honourable art and if you style yourself  Mistress of Napery it will make you proud of your linen cupboard or room.    French women have many conventions for folding including a very special one for sheets known as 'a l'ancienne' which means that all the edges are hidden within and the resulting long slim shape fits onto narrow shelves in their armoires.

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