Thursday, 2 June 2011


A beautiful Welsh  Quilt from Jen Jones who will be exhibiting and selling with us at the Fair at Bradford on Avon, July 1st.2nd. and also at the American Museum on Sept 1st.
You need an invitation card for both these fairs so please apply Email to E.Baer  at     Talent for Textiles, our informal textile fairs organisation, has done its best to cover most of the South West, though Cornwall seems a stitch too far at present.  I have been asked to hold similar textile fairs in a client's old barn near Guildford and I regularly get complaints from the North that there is nothing like ours going on there.   There is nothing to stop anyone getting on with a scheme - ours started 20 years ago with an evening run by three dealers in a room lent for the evening by an antique dealer.   It cost us nothing and the visitors came by invitation and from that simple beginning we have now built up a mailing list of over 1600 names - they are invited every year and all get into our fairs free of charge.  The rents from the stallholders pay for the venue and all of them are still with us for every fair.   The caterers take away a reasonable profit  and I think everyone is rather happy!

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  1. A Guildford fair would be interesting.