Sunday, 29 May 2011

Media friends

    This month's Home and Antiques magazine features vintage linens in great variety - I was pleased to see some of my T.for T. customers and friends in it ;  Jane Sacchi, Carole Wilson, Polly Lyster and some in the textile world like Kate Forman, Kath Kidston, Caroline Zoob, and other names to drop from the pages of the glossies!    It is good to know that we have watched some of the early beginners in textiles make it to the top of their respective trees, and that others, already there, have found it worthwhile to buy and collect with us while they sought inspiration and built up their collections and are now world celeb.s in the decorating world.

A rich display of trifles and a rainbow of old tickings.   An old smock shirt and a view of odds and ends.
French stock has a je ne sais quoi thing about it? n'est ce pas?
    It is also good to know that many of our private customers come to us for some very special fabrics and decorations and that we have helped them achieve their own exclusive schemes. Many of us have taken trouble to search out rare and difficult- to- find items for them.   We had some special visitors from Missouri here recently and one honed in on Linda Clift's  unique Fair Isle knitted bed quilt, lovingly pieced on a tweed backing, and couldn't wait to show her friends at home this unique bedroom accessory.  We all need our friends to spread the good news of Talent for Textiles events and I can assure you that the more we network and recommend each others' special lines, the happier the clients are and the more they come to our fairs with their friends and buy.  I am going to write a little piece on the word Vintage which is now bandied about in the fashion and textile articles.

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