Sunday, 12 June 2011


A patchwork cushion - all tickings

A galaxy of glorious red tickings - my archive of over 130 different colourways
   This patchwork cushion was made about ten years ago by a clever French lady who was keen on tickings - like me!  She was hard pressed for money with two young children and absent father and used to sell the complete pieces to me, but some were so damaged and worn that she saved all the good bits and cut them into small triangles and squares, using the stripes in different directions.  You will notice, if you have ever 'pieced' something similar, that the design is not completely symetrical and is all the more lively for that.  It is entirely machine sewn and many of the small pieces were joined in long strips before being matched up to their neighbours.  To me, this is a charming example of economical, and also very inspired, work, which will add some zing to any room and will wear for ages, always looking good.

1 comment:

  1. I love the random use - not all accurate .
    Adds so much to is charm.
    Love reading your blog too - so informative.
    I remember meeting you and seeing all your lovely textiles at the Antique Textile fair in Manchester.
    Now I live in France and love searching for textiles here.