Saturday, 25 June 2011


The Stables Auditorium, American Museum
    We are all getting rather excited about the forthcoming Talent for Textile Fair at the American Museum (Sept 1st Thursday) although it is two months away.  They have had record attendance this  year with people visiting the new education complex (where we will have our Fair), and the fabulous exhibition of Marilyn Munroe's 20 dresses.  You may have heard on the Box that one of her most famous dresses sold the other day for £2million.   To get free invitations for yourself and all passengers in your car, apply by Email to .        I have had the pleasure of being able to invite many well-known and intrepid traveller-dealers who source the stuff directly from far away places and have really interesting stories to tell you about their provenance.  There will be over 35 so there will be a huge choice of things to see and buy and I think we should have a memorable day.    There is an excellent coffee shop by the main Museum, with light lunches,cookies and cake (all home-made by Inez and her team), and there are many other things to see - the Museum itself, the special US theme gardens and arboretum. the bonnet shop, the log cabin, etc., etc.,  so you could make it a special all -day visit!  Good facilities for handicapped visitors, toilets and parking.  Please, don't leave application to the last minute, as I hold the invitations and will be both abroad and then very busy just before the great date! Without an invitation you pay full entrance charges.

The Coach House, American Museum


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  1. So looking forward to the 1st September! lizzie x