Thursday, 21 April 2011


  You may not have seen, let alone heard of, the molleton blanket.  It's a French summer blanket in flannelette, with stripes each end,  a distinctive knotted fringe, and often has initials and numbers actually woven into the border, a sign that they were ordered in some quantity for the client. These were very much part of the dowry of  brides living in a hot climate, in the Southern half of France,  the evenings are hot there and steamy, but later in the night the temperature goes down and that is when you need a light soft cover to keep you warm in bed.    I have sold a great many of these, mostly for holiday use and for children - to a log cabin in Aspen ski resort and to a new mother who covered nursery furniture - nice and cosy and washable for a new baby!   
I find them in strange plaxes in France - often wrapped round furniture just like our removal men use old army blankets to protect the Chippendale.  They stay snowy white unlike the woollen ones which go so yellow and cannot be boiled!  I sell them for about £45 each in really good condition.

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