Sunday, 10 May 2009

Long live linen!

You can see how effective even a short length of red Toile de Jouy pelmet looks, and the cool nubbly texture of hand-woven linen or hemp, softly folded, makes a delightful combination. A good piece of toile like this might cost between £80-£150, depending on condition, and a couple of large sheets about £60 each, (for a large window) with minimal sewing work. The sheets filter the light and stand up to full sun very well, but an off-white blind could be added so that the drapes could be nicely arranged and stay put. Using sheets, you can add narrow bands of striped ticking down the leading edge, and along the bottom seam, making a neat mitre turn at the front corner, with tie -backs in the same material, or you can add a good fringe or braid trim about 4 inches away from the leading edge and this makes a nice silhouette when the curtains are drawn back, as the front edge tends to curl over. I always have enough Toile to do up several 4 poster beds and can suggest many ways of 'stretching' the available fabric!

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