Monday, 24 November 2014

Young and old

Taken in my showroom, a year ago, this was part of an article in Country Life magazine titled Bright Old Things. and featured several people who had started new careers after retiring and are still working. Myself, I don't think I have ever stopped working and have been involved in antiques in most of my life, the latest choice being textiles. Here is my great- granddaughter, Rose Murray, her grandmother, Charlotte, (my second daughter) playing in one of my showrooms with a bit of old Indian fabric. The cupboard in the background is a handsome Irish Regency pine housekeepers cupboard for the storage of linen in a big household - with locks on every door, ideal for my business which I have since sold with a proper picture of it in a separate blog.
The showroom is now a guest room with mostly French fabrics decorating.


  1. inspiration to us all especially me !
    I can hear myself saying ...well look at Buffy, get up and get on with it

  2. Coming from you, Linda, this is a great boost in return! You are the most 'get up and go' person in the world of textiles that I know. Our passion is the spur and inspiration follows on and we find ourselves and our lives enriched by all the contacts with beautiful things and other enthusiastic people - it's a continuous, ever-growing circle of interest and joy and I recommend it to anyone who makes the effort to start and join us! Buffy