Sunday, 9 November 2014


  These attractive quilting patterns are made with samples from the Volga Linen Company in their latest catalogue - very attractive and they might inspire someone handy with a sewing machine.   I met the owner of this flourishing company a long time ago when she was just starting up - it was at Eastnor Castle at a Fair called  'The Art of Living'- it was a very good one and we all did well and had a lovely time getting to know several up and coming makers and sellers.  Roger Oates was there with his lovely carpets woven nearby and Polly Lyster and I made a very blue and white statement (French linen sheets and lots of indigo/woad dyed fabrics including silks and chiffons) which caught the eye of Country Living features editor, Hester Page, - and that launched Polly into the decorator's world!  One thing does lead to another!  The first picture shows Linen in a New Look, crumpled and rumpled - maybe a style for Tracey Emin, but not for me!

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