Friday, 28 March 2014


This card was sent to me by one of my family who complained that I was always in washerwoman mode and mood - and it still makes me laugh. When I look at my laundry shelf and count all the different bottles and powders for treating my linen and hemp patients I am pleased that I can give otherwise good fabrics a new run of life when I get rid of their spots and rashes. The French have a wonderful little bottle of stuff called Rubigine rouille (rust) which is amazing for removing ironmould stains new and old. If you use it, keep it off your skin as it is much more powerful than our Stain Devil and it takes the glaze and pattern off china, but does no harm at all to cloth and for me works without fail.. Find it in any big supermarket (French) next to the detergents. Very hot wash is good for removing the blue/green/brown of mildew damp storage marks, and an oxygen powder soak and wash does wonders for greying linen. Hot water, bleach and sunshine will bleach linen to snow white but it does shorten its life, so go easy on the Parazone.

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  1. Dear Elizabeth,

    Over the years I have collected so many beautiful Linen fabrics, but sometimes I`ve had a hard time cleaning them. Rust particularly. Thank you for giving us information about the "Rubigine rouille", I now found it at the French Amazon, also at the frenchclick. Thank you very much !

    ~ Aina ~