Monday, 24 March 2014


   There are so many versions of bouquets of lilies with a trellis of ribbons creating a diagonal pattern on the cloth.    But I find one of the most charming and beautiful is this design by  Beaudesert, the leading
designer of decorative fabrics.  The printing is all done by hand and the colours are particularly beautiful, with plenty of 'air' between each bouquet which I find much more pleasing and elegant than the rather over-loaded palette of other designers.    Most of the chintzes we saw in the late 1980s gave rooms a very crowded aspect and were not in very good taste when used in frilly bed dressings and tightly gathered curtains., often with other accessories in the room covered in more frills and furbelows!  These curtains, which are really long, are on offer at the moment, but if not sold will be available at my Rag Bazaar /Market on June 15th, for which I am saving some rather special things as well as turning my last remnants out at bargain prices!

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