Monday, 11 November 2013

Versailles and Marie Antoinette

< Marie Antoinette's Bed

Royal appartments at Versailles

Whatever we may think of the mad extravagance of 18th C. Royalty. their palaces and way of life, they gave employment to thousands of artisans who used their talents to produce some of the most exquisite furnishings and works of art ever produced.
In France, an army of cabinet makers, weavers and artists decorated the rooms with the finest and best materials available. The designs of furniture, mirrors and plasterwork were used and copied all over Europe. Despite the ravages of the Revolution, most French palaces have been preserved and are now all restored and thousands of tourists are able to enjoy and marvel. French designs have always been considered the richest and most elegant and I thought the two pictures I chose show their genius for comfort and luxury in a very decorative sort of way!

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