Friday, 8 November 2013


   If you look carefully at this picture you will see two rather original features in the top class upholstery -the gathering and little rosette on the side panels of the chair back, and other little button bows half-way down the kick pleats covering the legs, a very feminine comfy little boudoir chair. The fabric is interesting too - a reproduction of a classic Indienne (late 19c.)French cotton fabric, where the birds are a bit fierce with large beaks and claws.  Also note how carefully the bird has been centred in the middle panel of the back, the seat and the valance.  This takes more material, but I think this chair would have been pretty expensive anyway.
  I had a friend who had a little recess on a landing with a similar chair and she called it her 'sulking' room for when the family got her down!  A cup of tea in a pretty, relaxing chair might soon soothe you back to normal!

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