Saturday, 19 October 2013


When I stayed with my London Granny as a child, I was very impressed with the dainty hand towels in the bathroom with her initials beautifully embroidered in the centre - After use, I couldn't see how they had been folded and worried about how to put them back so very neatly! She then told me about the rule of three; it seemed that all pillow cases, hand towels, table napkins, hankies and small linen with initials were folded into three parts so that the initial was always displayed on top or in the middle with the two sides folded underneath. Later, I inherited quite a bit of linen from her and members of my husband's family and then had no trouble in following the rule for my own linen cupboard.
When I came to wash and iron my large stock of French linen for sale I found that this system was good in that with the folded edge always towards me on the shelf, with a neat tie of fine tape, I could count the number of tea towels (at one time I had over 300 all in different coloured stripes and checks) and it made selling and stocktaking so much easier..A mall selection is shown above in my huge Irish linen cupboard. All sold long ago!
Having initials hand-embroidered is now very expensive - it takes much skill and time, A friend of mine has just bought a very advanced electronic sewing machine and I am going to persuade her to have a go with it - will show results if acceptable.

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