Wednesday, 2 October 2013


My break in France on the Cherburg penninsula turned out to be a very pleasant quiet stay by the sea, with long stretches of deserted golden sands punctuated by little ports full of small fishing and pleasure boats.  Hotels and restaurants were largely closed after the efforts of the season but we had a smiling welcome wherever we went for a light and fishy meal.    Keeping to my resolution not to buy any more for my almost moribund textile business was not difficult as the brocantes were closed for holidays and there were no brocante fairs in our area.    Came back to find lots of interesting Emails, some from long lost contacts - Italian lady coming over for the Textile fairs in London this month, another from American author wanting news of handblocked French designs of 18c., Tour organiser thinking of visiting to see my decorations at home (mostly French vintage stuffs) with a party from Tulsa US,  and inevitably a film wardrobe lady wanting linen at two days notice while I was away.    All this is very cheering;  I miss my day to day contacts with buyers and sellers very much and this fills some of the gap.  I am always delighted to help people source what they want, to network in all sorts of ways and to solve textile problems if I can.   Contact me by Email
Different textures in French tea towels


  1. I always enjoy your posts, even if I don't always leave you a comment. I found my way here initially via my friend Gretel.

    Best wishes.

    1. One thing leads to another - I find so many interesting connections in my Blog and am always amazed at how the networking can span the world!