Monday, 29 July 2013


WHAT DO I DO WITH MY TICKING LEFT-OVERS AFTER I HAVE MADE THE CUSHIONS WHICH ARE THE LEFT-OVERS OF BIG CHAIR COVERS which in turn can be the left-overs of long curtains???  I am a big re-cycler and know I am unlikely to find many more good tickings so I use every scrap! On my trips to France, on the rather boring ferry crossing, I take a few strips of ticking, a 'bandage' of curtain interlining 'bump' cloth, scissors,strong needle and linen thread and work two or three old wooden clothes hangers while I sip my first French coffee and maybe partake of a croissant.. you just wind the bump round the end folding in the end bit like a firm bandage, wind along the main curved top and finish with another bandage fastening at the far end - a stitch or two is a good idea. You then get a narrow bit of cloth about twice the width of the bar, and at least one and a half times as long, turn the raw edges in along the top edge stitching and gathering the fabric as you go., so that it forms a long sleeve. Provided you do the stitching fairly close and evenly, it adds to the 'couture' look to see it, and you will find clothes do not slip off the hanger. I use these hangers for my French smock shirts and other costume items. They often elicit comments on the boat! I would like to find the thin plastic white tubing to cover the metal hook, know where to find it???  Bump is the thick soft white cotton material used to give warmth and body to curtains.

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  1. Just an idea for the hook.
    The plastic that is on the outer edge ( ie. the casing ) on electric leads would work - just pull the wires from inside it.
    Let me know if my idea does work.

    I want to have a go at the hangers too - what do you mean by
    " bump cloth " ?