Thursday, 25 July 2013

An Ebay project

Edwardian recliner easy chair with newish velour upholstery!
    My shopping list for a new spare bedroom! A large wardrobe with mirror, and a dressing table with swing mirror - I found a matching pair on Ebay after a week of searching, both had small glazed windows so I can curtain those with some French red/white gingham to give that Frenchy look! The wardrobe will also show off a lining of red/white pin stripe cotton stretched over the inner panels, edges trimmed with some coarse red braid removed from French case covers, all drawers lined with fresh pink wallpaper so my visitors will find spaces that are light and clean with no horrid dust and spiders in the corners!
Will illustrate when job is done! These two large
items cost me about £150 plus carriage - not bad!  I then installed a really stylish recliner chair, inlaid show wood, with new designer velour striped covers by Vanoutryve, pure Edwardian, (under £80) with casters and adjustable back rest; a spare pretty old French easy chair, chauffeuse, for chatting, covered in an old toile with the original leading edge frill round the base making it cosy and feminine, a couple of small tables with lamps for reading, sewing, or writing, all within easy reach of the two easy chairs, white wicker w.p.b. and laundry basket and the most difficult to find of all, a pair of good quality white wicker bedside tables to hold frilly white lamps.  see previous BLOG.

      Edwardian dressing table, swing mirror and large deep drawers on 4 casters.

Edwardian wardrobe to be lined!
There are masses of Lloyd Loom tables on Ebay but most appeared so shabby and very small, and the better ones were often near to £100, or more, so I was very pleased when I found two excellent ones up North under £50, near a granddaughter who was kind enough to bring them down to me at the next family gathering - for free and a big hug! for picture see Blog Spare a thought
 With two of my vintage lacy dowry sheets from France and a couple of pink blankets on the bed it has already been used (and admired) by two lady friends for overnight stays. I enjoyed the auction side of the dealing, but soon became aware that cheating and fraud are also part of the scene out there, and wished I had more experience to keep pace with a fast-moving business. So next Blog is teaching my grandmother to.....

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  1. Sounds like a good deal on the furniture from eBay, but isn't the bidding (and winning!) addictive! Love the wardrobe, and the red toile chair looks very pretty.
    The guest room looks and sounds very comfortable and stylish, and how wonderful to have such a helpful grandaughter when tracking down the finishing touches!