Thursday, 14 March 2013


  I have the following kits for sale, clearing my workshop:  I do not know what the box of 12 tools was used for, some form of modelling and carving, I guess.  The handles are plain unmarked unvarnished wood and the little blades are all different in bright steel.  There are scoop shapes, cutting blades, angle makers, chisels, etc;  they do not have any sign of wear and I presume were never used.   Were they meant for model making? plasticine?  carvings, plaster?  They are neither medical nor culinary! Found in a workshop drawer.
  The little tapestry wallet holds two metal tools used for caning chairs, one stamped Dryad, in new condition, for 'threading;' the long split canes, the other a sharp 'poking' tool, well worn; there are loops for the golf tees for  holding the cane, and two pockets to hold spare cane plugs used at the ends of the rows.  I made the little wallet to hold all together, green/cream tapestry outer with tape ties and beige velvet within.   I used to re-cane some of the pretty little Regency chairs I bought at Ardingly Fairs a long time ago. I would like £10 for the two kits plus postage please. SOLD two hours later to keen reader of my Blog! 

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