Monday, 4 March 2013


  Bathrooms are not always the splendid throne rooms of marble, glass and chrome of the glossy magazines - they are often a tacked-on small extension or tucked into an awkward corner, and to make them a bit more attractive I have hit on the following simple ideas. In the mezzanine bathroom, a group of bath racks makes a bit of a pattern.  The curtains are old French 'Indienne' curtains circa 1870, which were too shabby to sell but have lasted me just on ten years with their reinforced borders of cheapest modern lining which fades nicely to look antique!

This little cloakroom 'seascape' was inspired by fish and chips (moules a la mariniere) in Brittany.  The border is made with paper place mats which were as cheap as the chips.

  Bathrooms in the attics and without a normal window are a bit depressing and closed in;  I found that making a false recess and lining it with a mirror, and installing a small spotlight to illuminate some pretty lustre china, helped to make the new attic spare  bathroom more welcoming and my guests agree!   It certainly cost less than installing a window and 'Planning' would not give me permission for one anyway!

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  1. Oh I know what your talking about, a make do bathroom was what my Grandmother and Aunt had back in the days gone by, It was always clean however a hodge podge of used textiles
    I always like seeing what you post about