Thursday, 28 February 2013


Here is a lovely creation by my friend Kaari, Hollywood, full of clever ideas for keeping your sewing oddments and notions - she put it on the web to tell us about her sewing book HOME SEWN BOOK and has used bits and pieces from her own stock (and mine) to make this pretty and useful 'housewife' or 'hussif'. You can see initial name tapes from France, that she bought from me 5 years ago! pearl buttons, little pockets of old furnishing cottons, labels from her own STATIONERY & LABELS booklet, and scraps of ticking material; I hope it may inspire others to use up some of their favourite scraps. She has changed her address to an old warehouse in Hollywood recently and I follow her blog with great interest as she is a really clever dealer with lots of innovative ideas and has a huge following. She has just taken a large party of fans to a chateau in France, for a week of textile talks and demo's, and visits to local markets. Her blog is called The Warp and the Weft.

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