Wednesday, 14 March 2012


This is a fair well worth visiting if you are interested in, or collect, ethnic textiles from all over the world.  Some of the exhibitors are the top dealers in their fields and travel widely to collect their special items.  You can learn a lot and handle very interesting examples. Polly Lyster and her family will welcome you .The village is high on on the wolds above Stroud  in a delightful village hall.  Excellent home-made food too. E.B. 


  1. So wish I could be there but its quite a long way from Brittany for the day.
    Love the poster too.
    Are there any paper copies of it - I'd love one.

    From a sunny day here .


  2. Dear Pilgrim Diane, If you would like a copy of the poster, I will send you one, but I need your postal address and some stamps, or would a scan do? It is not very large and is on glossy thin paper.Regards Elizabeth