Friday, 2 March 2012


Virginia Woolf, in Orlando, says that human happiness is lying on fine sheets and listening to pigeons.

A very fine linen sheet with filet lace insertion
 and decorated with a princess' crown (centre)

Would you agree?  I have to say that here in Bradford on Avon, we have to listen to the squalls of seagulls seeking perches and nesting sites amongst our old tiled rooves - and doing a lot of damage when they pull the moss out to find food - and not the way we like to wake up at all. Bar a pop gun, there is not much to be done with these pests!  but I do agree that sliding into a bed with newly laundered fine linen sheets, faintly smelling of lavender, is a real pleasure and many of my clients write to me about these  pleasant and relaxing sensations.  I have a client in Australia who says that in the great heat, her bed becomes very sticky and the linen is so much the best as it wicks away all the humidity - another in South Africa uses rough hemp sheets to drape over all her sofas and easy chairs for the same reason and it is a great economy compared to having loose covers dry cleaned.  For babies, old people and invalids who all spend a long time in bed, linen and hemp are medically proved to be much the best and healthiest - I sound like a patent medicine advert. but I think I am telling the truth, no hocus pocus!


  1. Totally agree with you as I have slept on hemp and linen sheets in Italy. There is nothing to rival them.

  2. I so agree about getting into my wonderful French sheets is a joy.
    I always starch the turnover and getting into a freshly laundered bed I just love.

    I often say that if I was rich I'd have clean laundered sheets every night !