Thursday, 17 November 2011


  A wonderful example of stumpwork or Restoration raised-work embroidery showing Solomon greeting the Queen of Sheba.  The mermaid and kingfisher bird are particularly charming and the wealth of detail of the costumes, the flowers, creepy-crawlies, beasts and trees (note the bunches of acorns) are there to delight us all, and for us to admire the skill of the needlewoman who created this scene so many centuries ago and which is still in such brilliant condition (shown by Witney Antiques at a recent Fair).  Click on this to see the full picture (a beautifully dressed lady), stag (naked) lady in waiting (charming) castle (magnificent) and owl and squirrel in feather and fur.

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  1. Oh my! That is absolutely wonderful. This wasn't in a museum? Can you imagine owning it. Thanks for sharing!