Wednesday, 30 November 2011


  If you saw this sign above a shop, could you guess what they sold inside??  Well, come to Silver Street in Bradford on Avon and explore this great new shop - I almost wrote emporium, because as you trawl through its stock you realise that it is one of the most useful places you could find to source everything to do with knitting and sewing - the range is wide and interesting and right up to date - in the last week I have found pale silky ribbons, sewing machine needles for sewing jeans and denim, and monster reels of thread in every colour - while there I was tempted by so many novel and useful ideas for trimming and finishing sewing works,  braids of cut-out jumping reindeer asking to be fixed to cakes, crackers and knitted hats and gloves,
buttons, hooks, eyes, zips and all haberdashery.  The welcome was charming and these girls know what they are selling and doing and they have lots of workshops for would -be sewing students of all ages - good fun and a good way to make new friends in the town.  This is saving me long and expensive shopping trips to Bath so I am really grateful for this new addition to the many  snall speciality shops we are lucky to have here in Bradford on Avon, all with helpful and friendly owners.Ring 01225 866 033 for more info. Jumble Jelly,10 Silver Street, BonA .BA15 1JY

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