Monday, 8 June 2009

My Work Station

Good light, a good view, comfy upright seat, my wonderful Necchi sewing machine and my radio to hand, set the scene for my hobby - re-cycling old French rags into acceptable, useful accessories for home and person! I bought my Necchi complete with worktable for £42, 40 years ago in Colchester at Reeman and Dansie salerooms - the motor burnt out last year - disaster, as spares no longer available; but at last found local electronic genius to fix everything and it is purring away once more. I have a very large flat-bed iron (Blanca Press for all the linen, which will iron a sheet folded in 4 very well and no effort for me as I just sit there pulling levers and thinking about my next Blog! The sheets are all folded in exactly the same way so I can separate the long from the short in my store and I remove any iron stains with the excellent Rubigine Anti-Rouille bottle from French supermarkets. Check the small stain removal shelves next to the detergents.
This room was a dressing room with huge cupboards where I can store all my materials, and with two multi-drawer chests, I have everything I need easily to hand, and it is a real pleasure to get down to work with no telephone, T.V. or computer to bother me for an hour or two.

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