Saturday, 7 March 2015


  This clever advert for No 5 brought back a happy wartime memory and I thought the laced ribbon design of the current advert. background merited inclusion in a Blog to show how even a long length of something so mundane could create a stop- and- look page.  When I was just 15,      during the last war, my much admired cousin in the Royal Scots Greys (he was very handsome and my        idol!)   went to Paris after it was liberated and on his return gave me this small box with a small bottle of the fabulous  scent in it - I was over the moon!  I kept it with my hankies in my top drawer ever after and I still have it!  Next time I see him - he is now 95, I will tell him how I have treasured it and there is still a little whiff when you remove the iconic stopper!