Monday, 12 January 2015


  Now that we are all in an economical, recycling sort of mood both for our clothes and the furnishings for our houses, I thought it might be interesting to gather some ideas from others on how to make small changes that would re-fresh old schemes without breaking the bank!   I have drawn on an interesting article by an old colleague, Carole Roberts, who has done many great and lovely schemes in her work as interior designer based in nearby Bath.  She has tackled everything from tall houses in Bath to castles in Ireland, but is still helping people with more modest schemes and is full of sound advice.
  She wisely starts off saying that the pastel and neutral colours of current fashion (this was in 2008 but still applies) are the ideal canvas for fabulous accessories and will show them to best advantage.    She advises collecting photos and magazine illustrations of things you like and choosing a few main colours to give cohesion to the scheme - and decide if it is to be a working decor or something more relaxing.  Look at everything together with samples and with the chosen carpets and curtains.  All good sound advice and I think the article re-inforces my own experience with various clients who have difficulty in making decisions and are nervous of faux pas which they and family are going to have to live with;  it could be that a good interior designer can save you money as well as give you inspired ideas.

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