Monday, 8 December 2014

DIG MINERALS ? I'm in a dark place.

Damaged Welsh woolen blankets (cartheni) are ideal for making up into cosy and colourful cushions and bolsters.  These perfect ones are from the Jen Jones collection.   Visit her museum and shop for similar as well as the fabulous quilts.  Email  - 

    I'm quite happy with a bit of gold or the flash of silver in my house decorations, but would you choose slate,  pewter, zinc or  stone for the colours of your bedroom.???? parchment, taupe, canvas, camel, cream, oatmeal, caramel strike me as being a more gentle background for rest and reviving, and easier to mix with the pastel colours I would always want for my own space.  I love bright colour but I want it to shine in small doses, making a sort of exclamation mark in a room that is used for entertaining, making a splash or impressing the guests!   I am not very fond of sludgey, dingy shades, which I find so depressing- they make me think of black clouds, rainy days,  and sunshine seems very far away.
   I recently stayed in an excellent medium-priced hotel, where I could not fault the beds, bathroom fittings, and furniture, but all the materials were 50 shades of dingy brown including blankets, bedcovers, all seating,  curtains and carpet.  Sad!   Just one chair in a cheerful print or two bright cushions could have rescued the view and made a cheerful, smart, first impression.   I left a note for the comments section!
   I know some cushion makers in a small factory who make them for the big chain hotels and when I see the huge piles of drab squares awaiting stitching on the machines, I long to mix and match them with a bit of colour relief and cause a revolution!

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