Monday, 17 February 2014


    Skimming through the previous rough notes on some of my past efforts and exploits, I am aware that I have been lucky enough to combine living at home in historic and lovely houses with my family around and at the same time doing lots of things that I enjoy and find interesting.  Starting off with a flower and garden business in two shops, with a garden nursery,  then working at the restoration of an old property and developing it to provide a decent income, followed by a period of searching for folk art antiques for a top London Art Gallery, all helped to drive me towards my final choice, dealing in vintage France and exploring its ways, customs and heritage.   Through all these activities I have been on the 'fringe' of many different worlds; architecture, design, theatre and film production, primitive art and finally the decoration of historic and interesting properties, including my own, and meeting many different people on the way.  If I have helped others to furnish and decorate their homes and that has given them some beauty and joy, then that makes me very happy and makes all the work and effort so worth while!  This is not meant to be any sort of ego-trip for me - I have just enjoyed remembering some of the things I used to get up to, the adventures and ups and downs of the various businesses and I now have a good store of happy memories; the problems are forgotten!
My present home period 1731  shared with 3 grandchildren



  1. Your house is so beautiful, lucky grand children to have you with such wonderful taste?

  2. How wonderful, all the adventures you have had and are still having. Your home is very impressive.
    I sure hope your grandchildren are aware of their good fortune