Sunday, 1 December 2013


These portraits are made by fine stitching and vintage  fabrics
I went to a most interesting selling exhibition at the Hepworth Gallery  in Bath and thought stitchers and artists might also enjoy looking at the attractive and original works by Mick Weinberg, a Swedish artist who has worked in fashion as model, designer, in photography, and now shows her artistic skills in these patchwork pictures.  They are large and graphic and if I had a big blank wall I would be delighted to have one to look at and savour every day.  You might recognise some of the fabrics, often French, and their use may inspire you as well -   the one, titled the fortune teller's daughter, has pieces of German ticking which Mick bought at our recent Rag Market here in Bradford on Avon!.  Note that these are not just scrapbook images, they are beautifully crafted with finest hand stitching and are definitely works of art!  I've just heard that there are a couple of new 'people in patchwork'  (my title) at the Gallery, so do go along and have a look!

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