Wednesday, 18 September 2013


The French furniture makers have always produced many different shapes and styles to suit every kind of house and room, from cottage to palace. They seem to have had a gift for designing the most comfortable easy chairs that were good to look at and a joy to sit in, all during the second part of the 19th century. There
was plenty of horsehair and wool to provide a warm and well stuffed seat and in the 1880s the back often featured a deep bulge known as the 'lumbar swell', which fits neatly into the small of your back and gives wonderful comfy support! I buy them in pairs as often as I find them - I think I have had about 25 of them in the last 8 years. My super upholsterer strips them down, renovates them completely and then re-covers them in some interesting, attractive traditional French textile, ready for sale - above models available now SOLD One is black/white ticking with buttoned back, the next a striped oxen coat from the Pyreneese area, SW France, and finally a copy in linen of an old French print by Robert Kime. now SOLD. They sell for about £500 each. A small pair in the pipeline - will show their new overcoats when they are done! They are to be covered in a Sanderson type linen in pretty floral mix that will go with any scheme and resist wear and dirt.(All now SOLD this week. early Sept)

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