Monday, 17 June 2013


WELL, YES, OF COURSE I AM FAR TOO OLD TO BE STARTING ANYTHING UP, BUT there is something in me that says, if you enjoy it, why not?  - I was sitting for a moment in the sun after extensive tidying up and re-arrangement following our very successful Rag Market here, and I thought I was lucky to have lots of comfortable chairs with arms in the house and garden which are good for support and easy on weaker legs and arms so that sitting at a table to write or eat, and sitting to watch the telly or work at the computer are less strain on the old bones and muscles, and there must be many who find the same.  So my new idea is to have a good variety of original period chairs with all the necessary,  including adjustable reclining features, good for troublesome backs,  single and high back chairs, covered in traditional good quality fabrics and to have others available to be finished in a variety of suitable hard-wearing cloths - I have always had great success with the many pairs of French, back-supporting, easy chairs - probably sold about 30 to 40 of them, often in pairs, and I would continue to use the splendid hemp nubbly cream to beige hand-woven hemp sack-cloth with slightly darker self stripes for seat and arms, which goes wonderfully well with both modern and antique decorations and all colour schemes.  I have a master upholsterer to hand who has worked with me for 20 years who uses all traditional materials, hair, wool, scrim and tacks.  I have already bought a good variety of  attractive Vic.. and Edwardian chairs to start up, fairly light and with castors for easy placement, and later we will do chairs to order!  I have two rather upright ladies' sprung-seat armchairs with pretty show-wood, in red velour and velvet, a deep green velvet recliner tubby buttoned armchair,  very decorative plain hall chair, ideal for a cloakroom, small and solid for putting on shoes, two double matching settees with pretty turquoise washable covers and cushions and matching big easy chair and there are 3 more in the pipeline.  I think I am well known for having the lowest prices for good quality furnishings so all will be of exceptional value.  If you are interested, check in with Email for appointment   Seen Bradford on Avon, near Bath  I have a very good local source for large and small hand-made lampshades and smaller upholstery jobs, speedy and immaculate work., so I could be quite a useful address for you to note - my charges are always very reasonable as my 'premises' in the wine cellars here are almost for free and I have no overheads for staff - and most of all because I have always wanted to turn over stock fast so I can go out and buy and convert more with new ideas!
Quite a few restored vintage French easy chairs, all covered in striped sackcloth - all sold to local buyers

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