Thursday, 2 May 2013


My little tray with its title Home Decorations printed round the edge,  does not show anything very beautiful but there some useful ideas in the objects shown, all of which I have used in various homes.

   I try not to clutter my tables and shelves with junk and useless objects, but collect things that look nice and I can use:
Enamel jugs  - once available by the hundred in France - should not be too rusty or have any leaky
    holes.    You should never put food into enamel with rusty patches - there is a real risk of food poisoning.
   Use them for long stemmed flowers, green branches and for filling vases in the house.
Baskets with flat square bottoms are very good for storing vegetables.  I use old roasting tins to line the
   bottoms and catch the soil. With flat baskets, line the bottom with a polythene bag and place your herbs or
   several little pots inside and you can water safely without marking the furniture.
The crown, I might use placed over a potted ivy or tradescantia and let the climbing shoots entwine,    
   somewhere on a wall in the garden and let it get nicely rustic and rusty!
The pots and vases are all useful in a kitchen, holding the wooden spoons near the cooker, jams and
   pickles, long celery stalks,
A little metal pub table is ideal for your terrace and patio and will not blow over in bad weather.
The marble/stone finial balls need to go on entrance pillars, but are now so expensive they are just beyond.
  I see on Ebay they are several hundred pounds each.
Lamps and shades are so very important in lighting your rooms - and much kinder than spots and angled
   lighting.  Pairs are a good idea and there are very good choices now in all the 'home' furnishing stores.
Finally, the tub chair will welcome you when you are exhausted with everything! If you can find an old
   Lloyd  Loom one in reasonable condition, paint it and make a good zipped pad cushion in canvas or
   ticking  or one of  my hemp grain sacks,  sit out in the sun and enjoy life and if you forget to bring it in, it 
   will survive a few showers!

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