Monday, 15 April 2013


  Here is a foretaste of forthcoming Rag Market coming up Sunday, May 19th here at Bradford on Avon.   Some Rags are better than others, like my two huge 18C. Toile de Jouy double bedspreads, shabby but big yardage- enough to cover a chilly,austere stone wall in any ancient castle!  10 sets of vintage French curtains all in 8' plus drops, some are ex millionaire's appartment 5th Avenue NY. all designer hand sewn bargain prices to clear;  some good plain linen double size sheets @ £25 and two very finest, ex a Princesses's bed, immaculate with lace,  crowns, a few more pounds of course!  Add two big baskets of very useful and hard to find, French sewing haberdashery, ribbons, linen threads and tapes, frilling for workshop use and you will have plenty to rummage through in my stores.  Everyone else at the fair is turning out old friends and fancy bits, what the French call Meli Melo, razzmatazz or hotchpotch!  For anyone starting up new showrooms or studio, I am selling really attractive and useful display fittings that have worked so well for me over the past 20 years, selling hundreds of French shirts, several thousand linen sheets and huge French textile yardage.   Good display is just so important and the better part of all selling!  There are massive vintage wooden slatted shelving units, pigeonholes made from massed beer crates, and 3 new double shelf counters. Collection after the sale!  I aim to clear everything in the wine vaults through the black door of No 29, right next to Lloyds Bank in Church St.
Toile Chinoiserie
Chinese designer curtains

.  Classic French floral curtains 1880s Now SOLD
Double shelf display counters (3) £30 ea.


  1. Greetings Elizabeth, I am excited to say that I am traveling to the UK and have planned my visit to coincide with the Rag Market on May 19. I look forward to meeting you and shopping thru such great collections. Donna Cavanaugh

  2. Are these counters for sale now or only at the Rag market ? I'm very close to you and am definitely interested in at least one of the tables.