Saturday, 30 June 2012


This re-print is from Spitalfields Life Website, a fascinating daily record of Old London, its shops and artisans that is is my daily dip of nostalgia and I admire the big collection of 18C trade cards that have recently been shown.  I would like to have something as decorative myself but would not be able to provide quite all the services offered; everything supplied from blinds, 'coverlids' and  'ruggs' to funerals, and I rather fancy the three ornamental tents which would come in handy for our next outdoor textile event.  I do recommend a glance at the stunning old black and white photos of pre-war London's East End and its characters - mostly now swept away by bombs or slum clearance but still within living memory of some of the splendid Cockney characters illustrated.   Spitalfields antique Market, Thursdays, has become a very trendy new Vintage antique event, good for Brocante, vintage and workwear clothing plus decorative French stuff on the stall of my good friend Sue Stokes who has a good nose for the latest 'must have' and buys from Paris markets.  You will not be disappointed.

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  1. I am also a fan of Spitalfields Life, and had the grand pleasure of meeting The Gentle Author, and many folks featured in those SL posts, while in London in early spring.

    It's a beautiful area, full of history, spirits and spirit, and style, and enduring energy.

    Best wishes to you.