Saturday, 15 October 2011


Modern repro Braquenie
   On my last buying trip to France I bought a very large quantity of printed cotton, all made up into four- poster bed hangings, and thought that the pattern of little bunches of flowers and twisted ribbons in an alternate blue and red ribbon trellis, was one of the very prettiest I have seen - so simple and fresh;  I wondered if it might be a Braquenie (one of the best and most famous of the pattern printers from the 18C. onwards until Pierre Frey took them over).  So I was rather excited when I saw a very similar pattern (by Braq. and Pierre Frey repro) in a magazine feature this week.    The cost is £156 per metre, a bit more than I paid for my shabby chic bundle!  I would love to know whether my attribution could be correct?  What think ye?  Has anyone ever seen this pattern before??  Do copy, if there is no copyright; I think it is a winner as you could go with the blue ribbon, or with the pinky red for your room decoration.  See BLOG Ravissante

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  1. Hello Elizabeth,
    Although I have not seen so far this pattern, but in my opinion it could be an early or first-half 20th Century fabric, maybe late 19th century, because its cotton.

    I'm an Antique dealer for the last 30 years, a linen collector (French and German) and living in France.

    If you have any more questions please email me:

    Kind regards, karin