Monday, 4 July 2011


     We were lucky with two glorious days of sunshine for the Bradford on Avon Fair - the flowers came out at last;  they were a bit shy the previous weekend for the B.on A. Secret Garden event which allowed visitors to visit 10 or so small gardens hidden away in back streets and alley-ways all around our hilly town.  We had a reasonable attendance but could have done with more people as there was a very good spread of interesting stock - particularly vintage clothing and some stunning high fashion clothing from China which did sell very well - look out for Slow Loris stand at our Fair at the American Museum in Britain on Sept.1st.  Our vintage clothing and textile exhibitors were Sallie and Jim Ead who organise  their own textile fairs and the  Needhams who come from deepest Devon, again both will be at Claverton, excellent quality all round and a joy to see.  Thanks to all who took part - many making long journeys and putting on a great show which our visitors commented on and greatly enjoyed, as well as Ginny's excellent picnic food topped with some glorious meringues!

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  1. I am in France otherwise I would have loved a day looking through the textiles.
    I have been in Burgundy for 2 summers now and just discovering some wonderful textiles.I go Brocanting each weekend and think I may be in a good position to pass on some of my finds especially monogrammed linens and cotton sheets,old hemp, nightshirts etc.
    I am reading your blog since I found you through a link about Bryony Thomasson who sounded wonderful.
    I continue to research and look forwards to your blog.