Monday, 27 September 2010

French Leave

Once again off to gather a few bits but mostly to extend the summer and find peaceful uncrowded  places to explore Back on 15th Elizabeth.  Entry on 19.10.10.  this date turned out to be over-optimistic - we got involved in the French strikes on our return and as all transport services were cancelled, we had to drive the long journey from Avignon home (over 900 miles) instead of the ease and comfort of Auto-train, TGV and Calais crossing.  The worst was not knowing if the petrol strike would catch us out and the fact that none of the services would give out any info. at all, even the telephone and Websites were blank!  We saw the gathering crowds of schoolchildren and many others gathering for the manifestations and suspected it would become ugly and spread fast - and so it did and does.
The weather was perfect, a French Indian summer,  and we took our ease in a favourite hotel with lovely terraces and gardens , had many a picnic and some good meals - the French can still cook!  But life is now very expensive and the antique goods are mostly far too high for re-sale.   However,  I did load up with masses of old French bleues, the old workmens' dark blue jackets, blousons, shirts and aprons - all attractive old workwear that is enjoying a fashion moment in this country - and especially among the young in London.   I now have a good row in many sizes hanging on the washing line, and they make a change from the  popular white and cream linen and hemp smock- shirts which I also bought in quantity.


  1. Have a wonderful trip. I forgot to say the other day that I met somebody who knew you when I was over in France in July! Lizzie