Saturday, 10 October 2009

A Quick Curtain Turn-Around

Elsewhere I have told of a recent haul of top quality silk and designer print curtains, all from a mansion in USA. I had a surprise visitor last month who was looking to re-decorate a spacious apartment overseas and wanting extremely tall curtains - I was delighted to be able to supply all that were needed and also to suggest the skilled workers who could re-make and adjust the very luxurious fabrics to very exact measurements.. It needed a mix of straight maths and some geometry to work it all out but these clever ladies are taking all in their stride and all will be done in 4 weeks and the curtains will be speeding back to their new home. I have had two more enquiries for lots of very large curtains for high ceilings and windows since then - it is obvious that people are trying to insulate large rooms and economise on heating this winter and the re-cycle ethic is playing an important part in all walks of life. I am delighted to think that one person's extravagance is now turned into another's eco -decorating. I still have two pairs curtains left, chic terracotta foliage,Pierre Frey, 7'6" drop, and pretty blue/yellow flower print 9'5" drop. £550 for two pairs each design., both with sumptuous deep pelmets with very expensive trimmings. all lined and interlined and hand sewn. There is also one pair of ivory pure silk curtains - very elegant! 12ft drop and 8'3 wide, £350.(sorry, now sold)But I have just collected another stash of similar rich curtains, drapes etc. from same source so am in business again!


  1. Hello
    It was lovely meeting you today. I didn't introduce myself properly as it was busy and didn't want to take up any of your time. There were so many beautiful fabrics and wallpapers to look at! I enjoyed my morning there. I am very pleased with what I came back home with.
    I will hopefully see you at one of the other future fairs. I went to the Talent for Textile fair in April, I'm not sure if I can go to the November one yet.
    Best wishes

  2. Thank you for nice comments - always welcome! If you would like to go on the T.forT. mailing list, just send me your full postal address and you will get a pprogramme next March.